Q. How do we feel about your privacy?
A. Basically, the same as we feel about our own.

We hate junk mail, we hate cold calling, and we don't believe that filling out an online form or shopping on our favourite website should mean that our (your) personal information will become a saleable commodity. That's why we have written this Privacy Statement, which embodies our commitment to the protection of your personal information. We undertake to adhere to the following principles regarding information given to us by our customers.

Information we collect...

Our Quick Order Form serves the same function as the shopping cart, but is much faster and simpler, and there's no need to collect user information apart from your name, address and card details.

Our shopping cart (The knitting Bag) uses cookies to hold your items until you get to the checkout

In common with almost every site you visit, our website statistics collect info about your movements around the site, which web browser you use, your screen resolution settings, etc. This stuff helps us with site design. The only other information we collect is the text that you key into our forms.

You can use the 'My Account' feature to check all the information we hold about you. No-one else but you can see this information. If it's incorrect or you wish it deleted, please let us know

How we protect the information we hold....

Our customer database is held on a single machine which is not connected to a local network. Firewall and other software insulates local files from the internet. The database itself, the operating system and the machine are all separately protected. The machine is situated in a secure, alarmed location.

Personal information on paper, sent to us by mail, written down from telephone orders or printed from your e-mails is kept separate from our normal paper recycling stream, and is safely destroyed

What we do with the information we hold....

We look after it. We do not share, sell, give away, or otherwise divulge any personal information we hold

Your Choices....

You have the right to view any information we hold about you - see above. We will, at your request, delete all your personal information from our files - see also above.

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